Massey Ferguson 375 2 WD for sale in Al Madni

If you are in the market for a powerful and reliable machine to do any job, then I recommend checking out this model. It’s perfect because it can work no matter what conditions there are including all weather. The features of Massey Ferguson 375 2 WD set it apart from other tractors in the market of the same size. They have plenty of power without sacrificing efficiency like other models might want to. From an assortment of tools available onboard like a cultivator or plow (not including implements) with easily adjustable steering so no matter what task comes your way there will always be something just right at hand.

The Massey Ferguson 375 2WD is a small, lightweight, and fuel-efficient diesel-powered unit perfect for onsite work such as feeding livestock or planting crops. This model also has a three-point linkage that makes it easier when driving offroad where leveling differences are more pronounced than in an enclosed area like landscapes. Also, it has been designed to be easy enough for beginners, but it offers plenty of features that more experienced users will enjoy. The machine can handle most tasks including cultivation and harvesting on land in different countries.

The Massey Ferguson 375 is a durable, four-cycle engine that can do any job. It’s efficient and reliable with its powerful gas motor without breaking down as older two-cycle models did over time due to lack of maintenance or other issues associated with them. The Massey Ferguson 375 2WD has been imported directly from Pakistan due to high demand in Al Madni. It’s a great machine that can do any job no matter what weather condition or situation we face as farmers here.

Technical specifications Massey Ferguson MF 375 2WD

The new model boasts an aerodynamic design with a stylish wrapper and gill. It also has a smart steering wheel for reduced effort while maneuvering through tight spaces, thanks to its ergonomic shape which reduces the power required by drivers at higher speeds up to 36 km/h (22 mph). The durable engine is highly efficient on low noise levels too. All these features come together in one epic high-speed vehicle that will make your commute safe as well as exhilarating. it’s just what you need from your transportation solution.

Axle-type straddle drives along with traction control systems that are 8 forward gears plus 2 reverse ones available out there on this speed demon of yours. Let’s discuss the highlighted specifications for Massey Ferguson 375 2 WD in Al Madni


Engine type/makeDiesel / 4.248
Number of cylinders / Injection4 / Direct
Engine power at 2,000 rpm75  hp
PTO power at rated engine speed69.5 hp
Power measured1,789 rpm


Operating Weight2355 kg
Fuel capacity108 liter
Hydraulic system fluid capacity36 liter
Cooling system fluid capacity15.2 liter
Turning radius14.1 ft in

Tire measurements

Front tire size7.50 – 16 (6 PR)
Rear tire size16.9 / 14 – 30 (6 PR)


Transmission typeSliding spur
Number of gears8 forward, 2 reverse

Hydraulic system

Pump  typeReciprocating Ferguson pump
Pump flow capacity16.7 ltr/min
Lift capacity with lower2,145 kg

What makes this tractor unique compared to others in the market in Al Madni?

You’ll love the ease and power of this powerful Massey 375 2WD tractor in Al Madni. Not only does it have a cool oil system, but also an easy-to-use transmission that will help you get around with ease. It features unique design elements not found on other tractors such as front end loader attachment so perfect for moving heavy materials or pulling up hills without trouble

The most noticeable difference between this amazing tractor and others in the market is that it has a front-end loader attachment. Other attachments include articulated arm, rear hitch motorized blade, or cultivator which are all standard equipment on many models of farm machinery today. The three different transmission options ensure you can find one to suit your particular terrain whether it’s offroading with gritters or plowing snow through the winter months. There’s something for everyone out there regarding Massey Ferguson 375 2WD.

Costs of owning Massey Ferguson MF 375 2 WD in Al Madni

Do you want to buy a brand-new Massey Ferguson? Let me give some deep information on the price of any tractor. You could be classified into two types: one buying and maintenance after purchase. We have it here for $7000. Get started with your new MF 375 2WD outfitted in Al Madni 2021 at our low starting bid today Enjoy Massey Ferguson 375 price every day by bidding right now.

At first glance, the cost of maintaining a Massey Ferguson MF 375 WD can seem like it varies depending on how you plan to use your harvester. For example, if maintenance and fuel are both included in the price then that could end up being less expensive than purchasing separately for an additional $1-2k per year or more. However, we here, the best dealers in Al Madni offering deals exclusively so feel free to ask us any specific questions related to owning this new 2WD machine before making such purchases decisions.


The imported Massey Ferguson 375 2WD tractor from Pakistan to Al Madni is a great option for those who want to get into farming or just have some more land. This specific model has features that make it unique compared with others on the market, such as its sturdy design and affordability. Something any farming business will appreciate. This model is the best of both worlds because it’s small enough to give you an advantage over competitors, but still has all the power needed when tackling difficult challenges. If this sounds like what you need for a farm or ranch. We can help because we are having competitive prices and are ready to go at any time. Just contact us today so together we find something that will work perfectly with your budget too.

We import 375 2 WD tractors from Pakistan to Al Madni

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We, the best dealers in Al Madni, are your one-stop-shop for all of the finest equipment from anywhere in the world. With our 40-60 day sale terminal, we have everything you need to start up or run a successful farm business and more. We specialize in bringing machinery into different countries, and we will not hesitate on quality as well.

Want to buy the best MF 375 2 WD in Al Madni? Contact us

At our outlet in Al Madni, we are here for all of the farm equipment needs that may come up. With our free consultations where experts will answer any questions you have about this product before purchasing and help make sure your purchase goes smoothly so give us a call today if ready to buy now. You can use various ways like website, email, contact number, or other ways to get in touch with us like through social media channels too. The last thing would be an excellently placed phone call or visit at one of our branches near Al Madni if the need arises while looking into buying some new MF 375 2WD.

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